Sunday-Funday Treat

Hi mommies and daddies!

Hope the summer vacation is treating you well. And it’s loaded with fun activities, lots of DIYs, outdoor visits to nature, parksto explore and learn, full of new places and experiences, gorging on popsicles, summer refreshing fruits and lots more.

Personally, I love the summer season…I know…I know…it’shot and humid especially in a coastal city like Mumbai but why I really love this season is because it takes me back to my summer vacation – to the time when cousins and I would wait for the vacations to begin so that we could plan our stay-over at each other’s home and chill with absolutely no restrictions. We would enjoy and fight over homemade popsicles, only to reunite and share it with each other! Playing board-games, role-playing forhours…with short snack or drink breaks…OMG I am feeling SO NOSTALGIC!

Can you parents relate to my experiences?

Fast forward to present day, soon my son is going to start his pre-School and we will be pretty much a part of the drill. Also I observe the meaning of vacations has changed and so havetoday’s kids. But I secretly wish my kids could enjoy some part of the 90’s kid’s vacation scenes…too much to wish, right?

In my childhood, most of our indulgences were homemade. My aunt was a champ at this and her ice-creams were drool-worthy! This is something I have carried along and try my best to treat my son with homemade delicacies that will remain with him forever….today as a treat but tomorrow as a delightful memory, just like I have from my childhood.

My son has a sweet tooth and that adds up to my responsibility of choosing ingredients for his treats mindfully. Like delicacies that have maximum nutritional value. Raising a vegetarian baby (no eggs also) makes me choose alternative options to bridge that gap because nourishment is vital.

Talking about bridging the nourishment gap, I also have started considering giving nutritional health drinks to my son since he has turned two this year. But as we are just starting with it I would rather give him these drinks occasionally to understand how is he responding to them.

Next big step was to pick the best that would match up with our idea of providing nutritional food. After some research I came across Abbotts’s PediaSure. The feature that compelled me to try it was that its gluten-free scientifically designed formula with 37vital nutrients, which provides complete nutrition for children 2 years and above. Plus each serving contains 8 grams of Protein (which is great news for non-eggeterians) and 24 essential minerals and vitamins.

At PediaSure’s new Cookies and Cream launch event that was all about summer and #TimeToGrow, I was able to get my hands on a PediaSure pack. I started racking my mom brains for a delicious recipe for my son’s Sunday-funday indulgence. And here’s a delicious recipe to get you started:


Frozen bananas- 1-2

Pediasure Cookie and cream health supplement- 1 tbsp.

Salt- ½ pinch of salt

Add half a spoon vanilla essence.


Add frozen bananas to the blender and blitz until you get frothy banana cream. Then add Pediasure Cookies and Cream health supplement plus salt. Add half a spoon vanilla essence.


Tadada! Ready… load it up with your sweetheart’s favourite fruits… here I have added fresh blueberries and Chia seeds!

Treat your kids this summer with this wholesome goodness. My LO emptied the bowl in less than few minutes…of course it’s a HIT!


*strictly for Children who are two years and above

*no need to add sugar separately as bananas will be naturally sweet and also the health powder contains sugar.

Do give it a try and let me know how quickly your younger one slurped it up!

For more information on PediaSure, do visit: https://pediasure.i


13 thoughts on “Sunday-Funday Treat

  1. TheMomSagas says:

    That’s a yummy recipe and so apt for summers! My kids anyway love Pediasure and this new flavor is going to be an instant hit in our house.


  2. Pratibha (@Myepica) says:

    Love the recipe! Bookmarked it for future use. I am sure that the boys will love it! As a mum I know how difficult it is to get them to eat the right food. Plus this looks like a perfect summer food that I would indulge in too!!


  3. Pradnya Salve says:

    Since the day I had my hands on this pack of Pediasure’s new flavor, my mornings are sorted as I can experiment with healthy options for breakfast for my usually fussy eater kid who loves to hog on items prepared using this cookies & cream flavor. I like the recipe and I am definitely giving this version a try.


  4. Gleefulblogger says:

    Couldn’t agree more, summers are full of fun with plenty seasonal fruits and long vacations to relish. PediaSure is one powerpacked drink, i am glad our kids have this to compensated all nutritional gaps due to today’s stress and adulterated life.


  5. Manjusha says:

    I so understand what it means to raise a vegetarian fussy eater. However with pediasure I was rest assured that he is getting the nutrients his body needs to grow. Btw your Sunday funday treat looks super delicious and I can’t wait to try it.. yum !


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