About Me

Hello everyone and welcome to my world. My name’s Ankita, and I’m a fashion enthusiast, gratified wife and blessed mother.
On this blog, I’m sharing whatever inspires me in fashion, trends, looks, designers, restaurants, hotels, movies, books, recipes and motherhood and lots more. I believe that most of the joyful things in life are found in little details that we tend to overlook, whether in the fashions that we choose to wear or the lifestyle we lead.
Before starting this blog, I received valuable experience in the corporate world. It is during my maternity break when I realised it wasn’t enough for me… my soul wants something more, so I decided to dabble my toes in something more fun – like becoming a blogger.
I am grateful to the Universe for gifting me with the bundle of joy- My baby ‘Shrihaan’. After his birth, my life has got new meaning…. love has got new definition. I have fallen in love with myself once again. I have understood the clear meaning of prioritisation, got answers to questions( do I really love, what I do?) which haunted me for years. It may sound really cliched but I am truly growing along with my baby, learning lessons of life, unwinding myself and making memories worth to make past look beautiful after years.
It is while upbringing him, the little writer inside me started waving hands… urging for me to attend that call. So here I am answering that inner call, to pen down my thoughts… my outlook.
Although I’m not here to lecture or to post lists of dos and don’ts, because each person is entitled to his or her own opinion, and taste will always be subjective.

I hope that you’ll enjoy this ride with me. Please make sure to always share your thoughts – I always enjoy hearing from you!

Lets cheer for our lives. Lets live it to the fullest.


Ankita Dev Vanigota