Fig-O-Honey Pocket Cloth Diaper Review

When my son was born there were a million decisions to make and how to diaper him was no exception. We wanted to balance out the natural method as well as the advanced convenient methods. Hence we chose to use Cloth diaper during the day time and disposables were for the night time.When I say Cloth diaper I mean literally the Grandma style Cd(nappy style) were what I knew about. And Gradually after few months I was introduced to the advanced version of Cloth Diaper.  

As I got more and more into natural methods, I started researching about cloth diapers also. When I did, it was so overwhelming. I found fellow mommies who broke it down by sharing their honest experiences and found that pockets were my best option. So, I started with a small purchase. I was pleased, and chose to purchase some. 

Currently we are cloth diapering Part-time. But Now after using it for more than six months, We are getting confident with every passing day. 

To make this happen we rely on great quality Cloth Diapers.

We have a stash of mixed type of diapers like AIO( all in one), Pocket diapers and fitted diapers.

Of course we all know how cloth diapering is Good for the baby as diaposable diapers contain harmful chemicals. These chemicals can irritate baby’s skin, causing diaper rash, Good for the environment as Disposable diapers generate sixty times more solid waste and use twenty times more raw materials to make than cloth diapers do. Whereas cloth are used over and over before heading to the landfill, and they they take about 5 months to break down. You may even be able to compost old cloth diapers as long as they’re made from natural fiber such as cotton or wool and at last they are Good for you too as they are cheaper! Cloth diapers cost more upfront but save you considerably in the long run. 

Recently FIG-O-Honey had sent a pocket diaper and a dry/wet bag to us and after using it continuously for almost three weeks, our verdict is out now!

Fig-o-honey one-size pocket diapers are reusable,eco-friendly, affordable.They’re waterproof, machine & hand washable and the adjustable snap buttons allow the diaper to be adjusted to a growing baby, from an infant to a toddler.The best part is that the Hip snap buttons prevents wing droop. And comes in adorably cute prints. 

Fig-O-honey pocket diaper is a vital part of our CD stash for its great absorbability. It takes a few washes to reach its full absorbency. And second best part is that they are quite affordable. Thirdly, I love the prints of their diapers covers.

As there is always a scope of improvement, I would suggest one thing. In the pocket diaper there should be a snap button to fix the inserts with the cover to secure it which is lacking in the current design of the pocket diapers. Sometimes it so happens with the active kids that it slouches away and results in leakage.
Its my humble request to the Designing team of the Fig-o-honey to consider this suggestion of mine.
Other than this, there is absolutely no issue but all good about the product.
Also, along with the pocket diaper we were sent a wet & dry bag. I am awestruck with its colour and Dino-print. This has surely made our cloth diaper game strong for outings as well. No more I hesitate to CD my baby for outings. It contains two sections – a wet waterproof section and a zippered dry section. It comes with a loop handle for easy carrying. Keeps the diapers in one bag, while keeping the dry and soiled diapers separate. The wet/dry bags are also great for storing wet swim clothes.
Over all, its a great brand for building the cloth diaper stash for your loved one.
You can place an order on their website 

Or they are also available on Amazon India.

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Softsens Baby Products Review

With each passing day, where   on one hand my excitement was accelerating to meet my bundle of joy where as on the other hand I was equally worried for what products will I use on my LO’s tender sensitive skin. As Baby’s skin goes through a huge transformation particularly in the first year of their birth and using products that are paraben-free and is natural and safe plays a vital role.Recently I came across these amazing company called Softsens.

Softsens is a one-stop baby products company with expertise in baby skin care products as well as baby clothes and accessories.

And we are delighted to be chosen to use their products.

The hamper consisted of:

🔵 Softsens Baby Milk Soap bar:

Softsens Baby Milk Bar is a delightful blend of love, natural moisturizers and gentle cleansers. Enriched with Natural Milk Cream and Shea Butter, this Baby Milk Bar, gently cleanses delicate skin without drying it out, leaving behind nothing but a smiley, happy baby. Whats more? It contains naturally derived plant based essential oils of orange, lemongrass and Patchouli, which are commonly known for their cleansing and nourishing properties on skin.

 Key Features:-

  • Made with 100% Natural Vegetable Oils
  • Infused with Natural Milk Cream and Shea Butter, which moisturizes delicate skin leaving it soft and smooth.
  • Contains naturally derived plant based essential oils of lemongrass, orange and patchouli, which are known for their cleansing and nourishing properties on skin.
  • Rich, creamy and soft lather; that helps to remove dirt and grime
  • An oval smooth shape that fits in your palm and glides smoothly on your baby’s skin.
  • Lightly Fragranced, which leaves your baby smelling fresh all day

🔵Softsens Ultra Mild Baby wash:

Softsens Ultra Mild Baby wash nourishes your baby’s skin with the goodness of Natural Milk Cream and Shea Butter, making it soft, supple and completely kissable! Its “Tear-Free” formula prevents skin and eye irritations, making sure that you and your baby fall in love with bath-time!

 Key Features:-

  • Infused with Natural Milk Cream and Shea Butter, which gently cleanses the skin without drying
  • Ultra Mild “Tear Free” formulation which prevents skin and eye irritation 
  • Aqua based formulation, which makes it super safe for use on sensitive skin. 
  • Contains natural botanical oils 

🔵Softsens shampoo:

Softsens Shampoo is specifically formulated with a ‘Tear Free’ formula for cleansing your little one’s hair and scalp in the most gentle and caring manner. Its mild ingredients will work together to nourish the hair and scalp, leaving it soft, fresh and sweetly scented.

 Key Feature:-

  • “Tear Free” formulation, that does not cause irritation to eyes or skin
  • Promotes healthy growth of soft and “knot free” hair
  • Gently cleanses hair and scalp
  • Rinses easily

🔵Softsens Baby massage oil:

Softsens Baby Massage Oil naturally nourishes your baby’s sensitive skin leaving them in a state of pure baby bliss. It is enriched with Vitamin E and Olive extracts, which help calm, soothe and condition the skin, to leave it supple, nourished and healthy. This light weight pure mineral oil formulation, contains rich emollients like ‘Sensolene’ & Olivem 300 , which aids in long lasting skin hydration and helps to prevent evaporation of water from the surface.

Key Features:-

  • Made from Pure Mineral Oils
  • Enriched with natural botanical essential oils of orange
  • Infused with Vitamin E, which is a strong antioxidant and protects the skin from radical damage
  • Lightly fragranced, with warm cuddly nurturing notes

🔵Softsens Baby Rich  cream

Softsens Baby Rich Cream helps keep your baby’s skin just the way it should be, soft, smooth and kissable! Enriched with natural milk cream and shea butter, this light weight non greasy formula, absorbs quickly into the skin leaving deeply nourished and moisturized. 

 Key Features:-

  • Non-greasy formulation, making it perfect for all skin types, sensitive, dry or allergy-prone
  • Contains natural botanical essential oils of orange 
  • Enriched with Natural Milk Cream and Shea Butter, 
  • Contains rich emollients & natural humactents, which leaves the skin nourished & well-hydrated from deep within 
  • Completely safe with NO harsh chemicals.    

🔵Softsens Baby Powder:

Softsens Baby Powder helps absorb excess moisture, keeping your baby’s skin cool, clean & dry, yet soft & supple. Enriched with a mild & refreshing scent, it is gently formulated to help eliminate friction and control excess sweating, so that your baby stays cool, comfortable and happy.

Key Features:-

  • Keeps your baby’s skin clean & dry
  • Contains a mild & refreshing scent, which keeps your baby smelling fresh
  • Perfect for daily use post bath

🔵 Softsens Premium Baby Wipes:

 Premium Cloth Baby Wipes are mild and gentle, making them safe to use all over your baby’s body for soft, fresh skin. They’re so versatile, you can use them on anything from messy hands and damp bottoms to sticky baby toys, pacifiers and even for cleaning surfaces around the house.

 Key Features:-

  • Extra Thick and absorbant
  • Paraben, Alcohol and Colour Free
  • Infused with lotion and Vitamin E to moisturize and cooling Aloe Vera to sooth the skin


Amongst Above all, the massage oil and the wipes are our very favourite.


🔵What made me choose these products:

  • Hypoallergenic and 100% safe for baby 
  • Alkali – Free 
  • No synthetic colours 
  • Tear free formula
  • Tested in Europe and on par with international levels of safety 
  • Dermatologically Tested for mildness 
  • Suitable for all skin types 
  • Never Tested on Animals
  • Biodegradable
  • Loved and approved by fellow moms

Also the great news is that this hamper makes a great gift. I have already order for one such hamper as my SIL is expecting her first baby and is as worried as every new mom is. So sorting her out with this lovely hamper along with the  Onesies… love the colour range and prints- Pastels❤️ 

You too can order now from their website.

P.S. My #neatfreakbaby helping himself with the @softsens wipes.

 These are the sponsored products but the reviews up here are true to our experience as we used it for about 3 weeks and then posted the reviews. 

As a Mom, I can assure you’ll too love the experience with these products. 

With L❤️ve

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The Krazy Kids Karnival for a total family entertainment 

The festive season is in full swing …. and it just doesn’t get over with the Diwali celebrations as we bring you the opportunity to continue celebrating with your family members post Diwali too. Let me introduce you to the Krazy Kids Karnival where you can treat your inner child along with your kids with an interactive fun & learning workshops, amazing live shows,enjoy rides… taste exciting food…

Spread over 2 acres of fun space, the event promises to  have interactive fun & learning workshops, amazing live shows, dramatic amusements & adventure camps for the kids from 0-15 years old as well as the Parents. 
For total family entertainment- The Krazy Kids Karnival is just the place offering 12 hours of non -stop entertainment.

🔵When : on 4th & 5th November, 2017 

🔵 Where : at City Park , Bandra, BKC.

🔵Timings : From 11.00 Am – 11.00 Pm.

🔵Fee : Entry Rs 200/- Per Kid / Adult, 
🔵Tickets Live on BookMyShow ⬇️
To know more about the event, visit their website /


Follow them on facebook
Note: Free Entry for Kids below 3 Yrs.
Also Your favorite characters like Chota Bheem, Doraemon, Gajju Bhai, Chacha Bhatija along with Guru Aur Bhole will be awaiting your presence with loads of goodies for your children, come join their gang !
A big round of applause for their community partner JAMMS. Do follow them on  Facebook, twitter, Instagram and stay updated about such fun filled events in the city! 
Lets begin the festivals with more fun at the KIds Karnival.
Cya all there! 


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FriYAY at FunkyMonkeys 

“Play is so integral to childhood that a child who does not have the opportunities to play is cut off from a major portion of childhood.” -Musselwhite 

 A Play Area:

An indoor play center is a fantastic way to give your children 60 minutes of physical activity and best of all it is “Exercise in Disguise” as the kids are just having great fun…Running, Jumping, Climbing, Crawling and Sliding… Play is what kids do best!! 

About Funky Monkeys

Funky Monkeys is a unique, colorful and entertainment filled destination launched in 2012, it is India’s Premier Indoor Play Center & Birthday Party Venue for Kids. 
Appropriate for kids between 6 months to 12 years of age, You can be assured that your kids will be well taken care of as their 7 world-class play centers are equipped with highest standards of safety and quality. 
All of their centers have two play zones – a Toddler Zone and a Junior Zone, which are loaded with a full range of play elements.  
Their play centers have fully equipped cafes and birthday party areas, which overlook the play zones, making Funky Monkeys the perfect place to host birthday parties, play dates & school group mornings. 
Their centers are open 7 days a week and offer Free WiFi, Valet Parking, Kid Friendly Bathrooms, a First Aid Kit and CCTV Monitors on site and adhere to all fire safety regulations.
 Our Experience:

So we brought the heavily sluggish week by spending friday evening at @funkymonkeysbom 

Thank You @funkymonkeysbom for inviting us for the Disco Night Event at lower parel centre on 21/07/2017

As soon as we entered our mood was set for the great ball as it was so gorgeously decked up. Perfect Disco theme… colourful lights, great classic songs and cute buntings. All perfect to set up the mood.

I was so delighted to see Srihaan having so much fun there. Also to mention they have lovely crew to take care of the kids. 

Although we are regular at @funkymonkeysbom but yesterday was an experience altogether.

So if you are looking for an Indoor play centre for Kids then Funky Monkey   is designed for kids to have unlimited fun by helping them use their imagination and creativity!

Thumps Up👍🏻

We would definitely recommend it to all the babies and Parents who wants to spend some great time together playing, running, crawling and learning!  
Singing off on a happy note!

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My 5 Criteria for Selecting Books for Children

As hands on Parents We all are doing our best to bring up a little book reader in the current digitally controlled world. And in course of that, we end up buying a pile of books. Generally books that are suggested by friends/relatives, who’s kids happen to impress you either by their command over the language or their word power etc etc. Yes, it is good to take recommendations but it is equally good to match up those recommendations with your child’s taste of reading.Before even conceiving baby S, I too had made my preferences… I too wanted or still strongly want to inculcate reading skills into my baby from his early age. With that thought in my mind… I would pay little more attention to “Which books were my friend’s baby reading or How were they engaging with the book” and made my own list of do’s and dont’s in my mind. I would fancy about those colourful pictorial board books.When I conceived Baby S, all my desire to upbring an early reader got its wings. From the 2nd trimester, all my Saturdays were spent reading books( Bdw I am an avid reader too) in either Crossword or Kitab Khana and buying and collecting books for Baby S.
I had bought all kinds of books.. from baby’s first black and white book to touch and feel to lift the flap book to cloth books and bath books and what not. So basically I had created a mini library for baby S much before his birth😂. Book recommendation courtesy, all kinds of baby websites like ” best 10 books to read aloud to your new born, best eight to build vocab” etc. that take privilege to help and guide people to pick up the best for themselves. Not boasting but I had collected over 50 books even before he was born. What desperation, OMG!
Time passed and I kept adding books to the mini library.

Finally the D- day had arrived with my bundle of Joy! We started our reading journey with black and white visual books. Gradually with time, we had picked up other books as well like cloth books, texture books. Everyday I would read him a story book before giving him a goodnight kiss or would put his father to read up, on days When I would get over whelmed with other challenges of motherhood.

It was all going as I had ever wanted it to be. But I had to start questioning my criteria of choosing books for him as he started his independent walk, babbling that were turning into unclear speech basically when he started communicating by pointing at things that he wanted or else would throw tantrums when demands were unfulfilled. Earlier it would be so easy to sit with him with a book of my choice but today not only I have lost that privilege but sitting down altogether is a new challenge now.

However , to my relief there are few books that still keeps him engaged. I quickly understood… he was making his choices. There are certain kind of books that he was relating to in some manner. That gave me an opportunity to an analyse… how should I be choosing next set of books for him !

Below are the criteria’s on which I have started picking up books for my boo and with this little effort.. I have been able to add up some valuable books into our mini library instead of some books which has not even once could catch my baby’s attention but sitting in a corner for us to pick it up.
So this is what I look for in a book, whether it is:

📜Child’s age and maturity appropriate:

Considering where my child is — intellectually, emotionally, and maturity-wise, helps me to choose books that are relevant to his likings and experiences. For example: My one year lad loves everything about farm animals may be I can blame it on the nursery rhyme Old Mac Donald for this😄. Anyways coming back to the point, considering that I would want to choose books that are about animals. As it would be easier for him to relate and stick around with it. Books with pictures of familiar characters, like animals, children, birds are a hit as he is starting to enjoy pictures with more details.
📜Building the Word Bank

Books must help our children to develop vocabulary. Reading Books aloud plays a very vital role to build their word power. Hence, I consider picture books with some words but not too many. Too many words can be overwhelming and they may lack interest to hang around with the book for longer time. I try to pick up books that has new words which are simple but we generally don’t use in routine.
📜Stimulates the mind:

Books that make you think, wonder, and want to find out more, stimulates the mind. For example, When my baby wants to learn more about what is hiding behind a flap( in a lift the flap book) is when I know… I am one step closer to my goal of raising a little reader.

📜Interactive Books:

Interactive books are great for really getting the kids involved in what they’re reading. Interactive books that require kids to lift, peek, press, fold, search, chatter and most of all, smile. Such books can fill in the gaps and give them all they need to understand the topic in their own way.

📜Classic Book:

Dynamic writing, relatable characters, universal themes, and engaging storyline is all that makes a book- the Classic. These books have stood the test of time.They have been written in a way that its easier to read, is relatable and most importantly is still enjoyable. I am a sucker for such books like “Elmer the Elephant” by David Mckee, Goodnight by Magaret Wise Brown and Clement Hurd. These books are written in such an interesting way that can be read over and over. And thats exactly my son likes me to do, reading one particular book over and over 20 times in a day. For emergency rescue, I turn to the classics.

These are the five parameters I look for, while choosing a book for my one year old little reader.
Moral of the Article : Any book that are recommended by some renowned sources should be treated only as a GUIDE.
Do your own analysis, whether It would add value to your child’s development or would simply occupy space in your precious library?

Give it a thought!

“Reading should not be presented to children as a chore or duty. It should be offered to them as a precious gift.” — Kate DiCamillo

Hence, Choose Wisely!

Stay tuned….

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C for Cunning Mama and Carrot-Ajwain( Carom seeds) Paratha

As a Mother, We  want our children to eat a variety of foods for good reason as it will hopefully lead to nutritious eating habits for them and stress-free cooking for us. LOL!And there are variety of vegetables that our children just would  refuse to eat. Okay! forget about children, there are variety of vegetables that we ourselves don’t like to eat. For example: I may know how wonderful it  is to eat carrots but somehow I just don’t the like taste of it and so on….

What to do in that case? 

Adopt recipes that not only has all the desired vegetables you want them to have but also is delicious at the same time.
Remember to Remember, We are Mothers – no less than a Warrior ! We would never give up on anything that we think is good for our babies. No matter if we ourselves can’t eat some of those nutritous veggies BUT BUT we will make sure that our lil ones eat. 😄

So Here I am presenting my version of Carrot- Ajwain Paratha Recipe. 

 Trust me, not only my toddler enjoys these parathas but I too love eating them. Its also one of my favourites as it consumes less time to cook plus it makes a meal for me as well which means no extra cooking😄. All in all its a win win. You must try.

Carrot Ajwain( Carom Seeds) Paratha

Prep time-8 minutes
Cooking time -7 to 8 minutes 

Yields – 3 Parathas


•1 cup – Multigrain Atta (flour)

•3 tbspn – Grated Carrot

•1/4 tspn – Carom seeds ( Ajwain)

•1/2 tbsp – Curd

•Salt to taste

•Ghee for cooking ( Preferably Homemade)

•Combine all the ingredients in a deep bowl, mix well and knead into a soft dough using enough water.

•Divide the dough into 3 equal portions and roll each portion into a desired shape( I generally keep changing the shape like round, triangle or square) using a little whole wheat flour for rolling.
•Heat a non-stick tava (griddle) and cook each paratha, using ½ tsp of ghee, till golden brown spots appear on both the sides.

•Serve with Fresh curd. 

• You can avoid adding salt if preparing these parathas for younger babies below 12 months.
•Consider steaming carrots until tender for babies below 12 months.

•I prefer using Multigrain flour. However, you can prepare it with whole wheat flour also.

•Suggest to cook the Parathas over medium heat for softer finish.

Food Fact

•Carrots- They are packed full of nutrients such as Vitamin A, Vitamin C and Calcium. Also are easy to digest.

•Carom Seeds – It helps to correct the digestive troubles. It also helps to relieve sinus, cold and congestion.It also helps to increase the appetite in kids.


🔴 Remember, always consult with your Paediatrician regarding introducing solid foods or any new food to your baby and specifically discuss any foods that may pose allergy risks for your little bunny.

You must try this recipe and drop in your comments. 

Until  then

Stay tuned


Ankita V

And that’s how my son got his BFF!

“Friendship isn’t about whom you have known the longest, its who came and never left your side.”

     I had always heard about great stories of friendship between a dog and a human. Its all about unconditional love. But this all sounds great until you have a baby. 

   Today I am sharing a beautiful journey of friendship between Chukoo (our pet at my mom’s house) and my son- Shrihaan has grown through different stages i.e. Starting as an acquaintance to getting friendly to evolving friendship to best buddies now. 

     But it all dint start as lovely as its sounds.To explain the stage today… let me take you little backwards in time. How it all started? In 2015, august my family(parents side) welcomed their new member Chukoo( an adorable pug). In no time, he became the apple of everyones eye in the family .Everybody was showering their love to this youngest member of the clan. Months passed and We(I and my husband) (My husband and I) announced about the addition to our family too.Time went by and I was at my pad for the delivery of my baby and the after care. Everybody was excited to welcome the newest member but little did we know about the challenges that were coming . It almost always happens that with the arrival of a new baby, we often ignore our pet babies. 

     We too were so immersed in basking our love for Shrihaan that we cared less to learn about tricks of how to bridge a gap between a new baby and an old pet baby. 

    Nevertheless.. its better to be late then never. So, this time before coming to my mom’s place for a vacation…I had this agenda clear on my mind. I wanted my son who has just turned one year old to befriend Chukoo. For which I did my home work. And after an intense research, I framed few rules to begin with. Like,

🌺They should be properly introduced to each other. But how? 

  • By Acting Normal. With courage I allowed Chukoo to sniff the baby’s foot, perhaps with that scented sock.By allowing chukoo to actually look at, smell and touch him, he understood there’s nothing to fear.
  • By giving Ownership. Tried referring Shrihaan as belonging to Chukoo, like “Chukoo’s baby brother.” Yes, it sounds silly, but just saying the words changes the attitude which can be comforting and calming to our pets.
  • By rewarding Calm Confidence. Praising him when he behave well.
  • By associating Good and positive things. Dogs quickly learn to associate the baby with what’s important to them. If you ignore or yell at them when the infant is near, the baby will acquire negative associations. So I Figured out what Chukoo loves and link it to Shrihaan’s presence.

🌺Never allow him to interfere or go closure to Chukoo when he is eating, chewing a bone or holding a toy.

🌺 Actively participating in the daily care of Chukoo. We( I, Chukoo and Shrihaan) go along on daily walks or help refill the water bowl. The more our child participates in our dog’s care, the more they will grow to trust and love one another. 

🌺Teach babies how to properly touch a dog.Babies and toddlers are just learning about the world and their instinct is to grab everything that catches their interest. Dogs may see any of these gestures as a potential threat and snap at the child. Hence, I am training Shrihaan that dogs prefer to be touched on the side of their face or under their chin. Also they must never sneak up on him or touch him when he’s sleeping.

A tip for supervising adults

🌺Know the dog’s stress signals and body language like tucked tails, flattened ears and lowered eyes. These are the signs that your dog may be feeling overwhelmed. Once you get these signals, its better to divert both of them into different directions! 😄

So thats how, with little effort from my side, my son has got his BFF. I feel so good to be able to see the unspoken love song between these two. 

Signing off on that note.

Stay tuned ! 


Ankita V

Mamas…Please make little place for red lipstick in your diaper bags!

Hola Moms!

 Do any of you recall the last time you had admired yourself looking at the mirror? Okay! Leave the admiration part. Lets be little real… Did you plan or choose to wear clothes of your choice or try styling your hair differently? probably most of you would have no other answer but a NO, like me. Or some of you may just yell out about your long pending salon trips to get essentials done(threading..waxing) etc. 

But we would not stop by just saying a no.” No” comes along with the whole list of reasons,explanations,clarifications. At least thats how I used to answer a No, tagging along with a note of clarification. Have you wonder why do we do that?

Simply coz some part of us know that whatever we are doing is not right! We are taking ourselves for granted. Please dont get me wrong…. I do know! how motherhood shifts all our attention from ourselves to the tiny little bundle of joy. Thats very natural, nothing wrong about it. 

But lets make a conscious decision to take care of the mother as well, along with the lifelong journey of motherhood. 
Although one of the things about being a mother is figuring out how to manage to take care of yourself. With a new baby, our old beauty regime flies out of the window and we’re trotting to grab a quick shower, if we’re lucky. With young kids, that trend can continue… but we must keep taking small steps towards the goal of self care.

So here is my story on how I got back the spark of self care on as realising how vital it is.

 I always like to be presentable. But I also like to keep my style quotient understated yet classy. After attaining motherhood, I too had my share of struggle with clothes, hair fall etc. 
I may not go full force on getting myself put together like I use to, but knowing that I am still passionate about fashion and beauty trends inspires me.In other words, I’m different than I used to be.But I still enjoy retaining a sense of that fashion and beauty-conscious woman I was—and still am. I want to be able to raise my children wonderfully— and keep a little bit of my old self while doing so.

As we mamas are always on a run, there is this one quick fix that I have found out and it is working for me. Its the RED LIPSTICK. Currently I am crushing over it as its all about practical style which makes me feel beautiful & great without breaking the bank or making being a mother even harder.

Red is a classic lip color for a reason — it can be rocked with any ensemble, from simple top/shirt and jeans to an evening gown with heels or to add glamour to an ethnic wear! Paint your lips red and get going. 

  All you need to do is find the right shade of RED for yourself. Hold on! I know the struggle for that too as I myself had tried and tested and failed but never lost hope. I dabbled from article to blogs to make up experts but every time got confused with warm tone , blue hue, orange hue, cool tone etc. So one fine day, my prayers were answered and I came across a trick to find out the right shade of red. Let me share that trick with you as It helped me finding my shade of red.

So all you got to do is apply the testers of chosen red lipsticks on to your lips and smile. Ha ha ! Sounds silly know! Thats the trick but. The right shade of red for your lips will make your smile appear brighter and flashier. If in case, your teeth looks pale or yellowish, leave that shade right there and continue to try some other. 

This trick has worked for me. For an instance, when I wanted a classic red lipstick for myself, I spent almost a month to arrive on the conclusion that MAC Ruby Woo will be the best pick for myself( based on thorough research about warm tone, blue hue etc.). It was set on my mind. However when I finally went to pick up one for myself .Only after applying it ( tester) over the counter I realised how it had failed in the above test of mine. It couldn’t do any better for me . Luckily I got to try another hot selling from the same counter- Russian Red and to my good luck, it had passed my teeth- appearance test. Now we are friends forever! Well, thats the story of finding my favourite shade of red. 

Hope you too get your right shade of red lipstick and life! 
Stay tuned!


Ankita V

How a quote on parenting helped me to find something I thought I had but I dint!

Have you ever been in a situation where you read about something or came across some incident that changes your whole outlook towards that subject? Well, if you have been on the same trip.. you will relate to my post!             
As parents, we do not leave any stone unturned to provide the best to our lil ones. Which better shampoo to use, what food to feed to meet their daily requirements, whether to use a disposable diaper or an earth -friendly cloth diapers and list of endless questions that demands an answer from the respected search engines.

I too have been throwing my share of questions to the most powerful search engine and will continue to do so. Coz again none of us would want our babies to settle for anything average. An average label means how not up to the mark parents we are or may be we are not attempting it well etc etc. And while sourcing for some great materialistic stuff, we often miss on some of the essentials for our precious ones.Something that will remain forever with them… in them unlike the fancy materials we shower upon them.

So… on one of the january day, I stole little time from my feed-play-put to sleep- repeat schedule and said “hi” to my very favourite social media world(any guesses?) On my way of stalking and exploring, I came across a lovely quote on parenting, which read ” Children learn more from What you are than, what you teach.” Wow… what a thought!

Before I could think any further…. the door bell rang and the most awaited parcel arrived. Of course it was for my baby. With all excitement l started unwrapping it, I checked upon the stuff I had ordered for and smiled with a pride( smiled with a sense of an achievement). All my time …tickling the search engine, about the whats and hows of the product had paid off.

Keeping my chin high and grin on… i got back to my feed-play-put to sleep – repeat schedule.

The day passed by but that thought had not. It demanded my attention. It got stuck in my mind. A plethora of questions were raised in my mind. Am I living up to this thought? There are long list of things that I would want my baby to have in him. To my short lived happiness…. I had successfully met with few of the things that I possess and would want my baby to learn from me but …. but I stumbled upon something… a quality that I would want my baby to have as I know the importance of it(from the source-my best friend internet). Self-love. Yes, self love! How simple it sounds and more simpler to expect everybody to have. I had my real moments, when I asked myself – do i genuinely love my self? Do I? To my surprise rather shock, i dint get satisfying answers. My mind started blabbering yes, I do definitely love myself.I do take out my “me time” from my hectic schedule, I do order stuff for myself that catches my fancy, and blah blah blah! I was unable to satisfy my heart who was looking upon my brains for the answers. Answers that my heart knew so well but was upset as I had failed to attend them. My heart knew what had I done wrong… what had I put myself through to question the  love for my self ?

I spent good two days on this thought( consciously running in my mind while meeting the day to day errands ). I managed to get answers. Answers, which I procrastinated multiple times.

With teary eyes, I realised self love is beyond just treating yourself with the things you would like to have.

Self love is about not putting yourself to meet somebody else’s judgement for you, Self love should set you free. Whereas I would continuously put myself through some or the other scanners. I would want to reach and touch the benchmark of ideal mother,wife,daughter, daughter in law, friend etc etc. In order to meet the benchmark of above roles, I had lost myself somewhere. But thank god. Its motherhood… my love for my baby boy, my passion to imbibe good qualities in him -has given me all my answers for life. Now I think I know what actually is true self love.

All I have learnt is letting go of everything that fights with my inner peace is Self Love. Giving myself the freedom of choosing what I genuinely want to pursue is Self love. Accepting myself for who I am, what I am, is self love for me . Giving a damn about… how my actions will be judged and settling for society’s verdict are a way of loving myself. Accepting all my flaws with a courageous heart is self love.

Self Love is the power that you gift it to yourself. A power, that will keep you going in this ever changing and forever judging world.

Give it a thought!

Until then


Ankita V